Andrea Jensen

Testing is not on my Paycheck!

About Andrea

Hi, I’m Andrea! A tester since 2011, what started unplanned by chance I now continue out of passion. I am a Tester & Team Lead in the maritime industry by day. And a reader, crafter, and curious learner by night.

About the Talk

As the designated tester in a product team I was coming across comments like this regularly. But as a believer in collaboration, in professional diversity and in the whole team approach, I was willing to challenge the status quo. The only question I had was how to successfully share my ideas about collaboration, diversity and ownership with my team.


I launched an experiment: Ensemble Testing in a cross-functional team


Instead of talking about my desires to collaborate, we collaborated. Instead of talking about diversity, we exchanged ideas. Instead of pushing for quality ownership, we started testing together.


I’ll share how ensemble testing changed the software and us. I do not just believe that ensemble testing is incredibly valuable, I experienced it.


The talk is partly a field report and partly a practical guide for getting into ensemble testing.


I’ll cover what is needed to get started (very little!) and give ideas on how ensembling can be applied beyond the testing scope.