Call for Papers


This year’s topic is The Technology of Quality, but watch out – we’re not looking for talks about automation testing. Well, not only. Building Quality Culture is even more challenging.

Let’s figure out together how to achieve High

  •  Quality of Service
  •  Product Quality
  •  Process Quality
  •  Quality of Life

We’re looking for bright, even clever and innovative stories about improving all aspects of Quality. There are more than 50 software and data quality characteristics out there. What about effective and efficient processes, joyful and fruitful communication, high customer retention, low employee turnover and sustainable growth?

These are the signs of Quality in an organisation. Tell us how you’ve achieved them. Tell us why your users love you and why you love your company. It must mean you deliver a high-quality product or service to them and that your company invests in the Quality of your growth and work life. How did you get there?

There are 8 slots, so make sure it’s a good one.

Inspirational, engaging, and innovative stories will be preferred before more theoretical ones. Our primary purpose with QualityCon is to inspire quality thinking!