New Bird in Town


Thank you so much for registering at such an early stage for QualityCon 2023!!! Our program is still not in progress, and the CFP is open, but we’ll do something unconventional … we’ll share with you 15 randomly selected topics from our Call for Papers queue. Although we’ll have surprises, we want to unveil the direction of some of the talks.

  • How 3P’s(Pairing, Process & Planning) can help to engage teams
  • How I break the Shell with L.I.E.S
  • A Tester’s Journey in the World of Machine Learning
  • Vaccinate your Software, Build its Immunity
  • Test Data – The Key to robust test coverage
  • Unleashing the Potential of the Validation Data Lake
  • Why Quality Assurance is the best Development Skill?
  • 1 kilogram of Quality
  • Testing as a Service: Reusable Test Functions to Reduce Duplication
  • Break Silos, Build Chapters
  • Test Data – The Key to robust test coverage
  • Quality Management – how did we affect the teams?
  • Qualitative Strategist
  • Testing is not on my Paycheck!
  • Risk-Focused Test Management in Practice
  • ADHD & Me: How neurodivergence serves my testing

Do we really really like some of them? Maybe 😀

Bear with us, we’ll close the CFP on June 1st, and do what it takes to announce the first portion of the program by the middle of June!

Meanwhile, our Early Bird just flew in.