QualityCon 2023 Announced


Dear Quality People,

We’re beyond excited to announce The First QualityCon 2023!

It’s online and will be held on October 10.

QualityCon 2023 is a place for everyone who deeply cares about the products and services they deliver. We’re talking primarily about software products and services, but we’re not limited to software only.

We’re seeking The Technology of Quality, and this is the theme of QualityCon 2023. It’s a one-day online conference at symbolic prices to cover the technical support. It’s a place for everyone who knows how to:

  • Build and deliver high-quality software
  • Provide a high-quality customer experience
  • Enable high-quality development process
  • Foster quality communication in the team and the organisation

Software quality is not only about testing. At QualityCon 2023, we’ll discover how to make our and our users’ lives better.

Disclaimer: We couldn’t find any other event called like this, which is unbelievable, but if you’re aware of it, please let us know!